Upper Abdomen

Upper Abdominal Scan

What is an upper abdominal scan?

This scan is a detailed ultrasound check on the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen and kidneys. The abdominal aorta will also be examined to exclude any evidence of an aneurysm.

Who is the scan for?

This scan is ideal for the detection of gallstones if these are suspected and for a detailed assessment of the liver and kidneys. This ultrasound scan is often used as a first line investigation for upper abdominal pain. We do sometimes advise you to have a referral from your doctor so that the most appropriate test can be performed. However, we are able to accept self-referrals.

How is the scan performed?

We ask that you only drink water or black tea/coffee for 6 hours before your scan. If your appointment is in the morning we ask that you do not eat breakfast and if your appointment is in the afternoon, do not eat lunch. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FURTHER ADVICE IF YOU ARE DIABETIC. Please continue to take your normal medication.

The scan only takes around 20 minutes and is performed using a small ultrasound probe which is moved across the abdomen with cool ultrasound gel.

How do I get the Results?

Your ultrasound images will be reviewed by the Ultrasonographer and in some circumstances by a Consultant Radiologist. A report will be issued and sent to your GP.  Occasionally it may be necessary to repeat a scan if we are not able to obtain all the images we need. If you are required to have an additional scan, a repeat scan will be booked at no extra charge. In some circumstances your doctor may need to arrange additional tests for you before a diagnosis can be made.

Cost – £115